The history of the “MOTEK” company began in 2015. It was the year when two unique people met: Edward and Andrei Vrabii 

Edward is an experienced businessman. He decided to try his hand at a new business – production of honey. Being conscientious and responsible, Edward wanted to find a partner with the same personal characteristics.  He was looking for an experienced beekeeper, whose products are natural and high-quality.

And he found such a person – the best of the best. He is an experienced professional having profound knowledge in theory and practice of beekeeping. And most importantly – Andrew is ready for new knowledge and ideas!

This successful creative tandem started a new project – the production of unique, pristine honey.

The starting point of the “Motek” company goes back to the distant past. Andrei is a fourth-generation beekeeper. His family is well-known in beekeeping circles. Their family honey has always been famous for its excellent quality. Andrei’s great-grandfather, grandfather and father were known as experienced, competent and trustworthy beekeepers. Their excellent products have always been very popular.

So, the production of “Motek” company is based on experience, knowledge and professionalism of these hereditary beekeepers.

At the beginning Andrei had only 60 hives. Today our company has more than 200 bee colonies.

Four generations of traditions and experience are channeled into the development of a unique product.  We have reached a new level of honey production.